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Julio Galhardi

Voxel Artist
Artist making Voxel Art & Animations / NFTs
to The Sandbox Metaverse.

AKA Aikiman.

Featured Voxel Assets

Bionic Bastard

Creation, Production, Animation

This evil looking villain is a custom Sandbox template, with some unique animations and a big machine gun.

Ticket Booth

Creation, Production, Animation

A Funny character working inside a ticket booth, for parks and all kinds of events inside The Sandbox Metaverse, with animation options.

Ticket Booth - CF Music Fest.jpg
Spy Fake Starfish.jpg
Spy Fake Starfish

Creation, Production, Animation

A robot starfish that goes unnoticed under the sea and can be a pesky spy.

Elephant Guru

Creation, Production, Animation

Part of the Creator Fund's DIvergent Art collection, this large anthropomorphic character, who is both unique and funny, is meant to be a guru.

Elephant Guru.jpg
Plasma Drone.jpg
Plasma Drone

Creation, Production, Animation

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No! It's a massive platform drone ready to patrol the sky in a dystopian city.  

DJ Crypto

Creation, Production, Animation

He is a very crazy keyboard player, with a lot of animations and he won't leave anyone standing still in the audience!

DJ Crypto.jpg
PO Monster.jpg
P.O. Monster

Creation, Production, Animation

Part of the CF Divergent Art Collection, this giant power outlet somehow came to life and is now terrorizing the Metaverse.

Voxel Assets
Bionic Bastard.jpg

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


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